How to Make any Boring Subject Interesting and Enjoyable

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In school, we have to study different kinds of subjects. Some are theoretical, while others are logical or mathematical. From our perspective, we can have some favorite subjects and very dull subjects. One of my favorite teachers, who changed my way of studying, taught me how to make topics interesting and build a love for them. So with that advice and my creativity, I could learn all nine subjects more effectively without getting bored. But how can you change your boring subjects to interesting ones?

To make any boring subject interesting, we have to change our idea about that subject. And we should try different kinds of enjoyable learning methods ( making fun stories and song lyrics on facts of that subject), use mind maps, or change the learning resource. 

So if you want to know more tips and tricks to make you feel love for every subject, you should read this post and try the methods I recommended here.

9 ways to make any boring subject interesting

1. Make jokes

Creating jokes is my favorite way to memorize any fact in any subject because it makes me and my friends laugh whenever I create a new funny story for a lesson. I remember my school science teacher asked every day after class, "Kalpa don't you have any jokes for today's lesson?" Then after going home, my main objective is to make some jokes and funny stories for the lesson. 

I remember one I made for the physics magnetic field lesson to memorize the symbols of the flingers in Fleming's Left-Hand and Right-Hand rules. All I had to do was remember the phrase "Fake monkey was caged" then, as you can see below, I could memorize it without confusion.

Force => Fake
Magnetic Field => Monkey
Current => Caged

If you have any graphic design skills, you can also make memes about your lessons and share them with your friends, and if you are a teacher, you can use this enjoyable way to teach your students.

2. Make song lyrics

We usually can memorize song lyrics more than a school lesson because when we hear a new song, we sing it a few times a day. How about making songs for our lessons as we memorize songs? Then we can sing those every time with friends or even when bathing. Comment below if you do musical shows in your bathroom while having a bath like me.

 As I write an article, I can't sing as an example for you, so I found a good song from YouTube to memorize physics equations. I think it's pretty good, so listen to it and try to make your songs because, with your song lyrics, it's easier to memorize than others.

3. Refer different resources

Refer different resources

Your textbook or teacher's note is not the only method you can use to gain knowledge. With the internet and new technology, you have dozens of new ways to learn anything fast. And now most people are teaching for free using YouTube.

I should thank YouTube because it was my first programming teacher. I started coding when I was 13 years old, watching YouTube videos.

Other than YouTube, there are many educational apps and websites like Brilliant, Udemy and Skillshare. So you can learn anything without leaving our study room using those websites.
And also, if you're studying history, you can watch films and documentaries to build your interest in the subject.

If your most boring subject is science, I recommend you to watch videos from Mark Rober's YouTube channel, where he is doing fascinating experiments that will make you love science.

4. Study with friends

There are pros and cons of studying with friends. I talked more about it in my previous article, so if you are interested in learning in groups, I suggest you read it. Studying with friends is an excellent option for making subjects enjoyable because every student has a different interest in each topic. 

So if you do not like to learn literature much, review it with a friend who loves it. Then you can understand why he loves it and how he understands it. 

I wasn't interested in physics early in my advanced-level studies. I mainly studied Math, but after studying with one of my friends, she influenced me to study physics more. So she changed my perspective on physics and made me love physics more than math.

5. Understand the importance of learning

Have you ever asked this question from your teacher, “Why should we learn your subject?”. If you want to study anything diligently for a purpose, you must know why you should study that, so ask your teacher that question. If you are too shy to ask your teacher, simply ask Google because google will never blame you for your question.

6. Make questions

There is a simple game you can play with your friends, gather your friends and give each one a topic to make a few questions, then ask questions from everyone and give points when someone answers correctly. After all, you all should present a simple gift to the winner. 

When you do this, you all are motivated to answer all questions correctly to win the game. So in this way you can gradually increase your interest in any topic with the help of your friends. 

You can also tell your class teacher about this. Then he will organize this contest for you. If you don't have much time in school to do this, you can make a WhatsApp or Discord group and try this method online.

7. Use infographics and charts

Use infographics and charts

In the nursery, the teacher always taught us using charts and pictures because it was exciting to learn with those materials. Why don't we prepare a simple infographic for boring lessons? You can also hang them in your classroom or study room because seeing them helps you memorize faster. More importantly, learning is more accessible when you have a simplified chart rather than a bulky textbook.

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8. Have a complete idea

If you don't have an idea about the basics of a subject, it's easier to get bored with that subject for you. I couldn't attend the first Calculus lesson in our math class, so when I attended the class the next day, I was confused about the lesson. But I asked my best friend to teach me that, and she taught me well.

Finally, I was able to solve Calculus problems faster than my best friend, who taught me the first lesson. So you can also become an expert in any subject if you can work hard and completely understand it. So think about your boring subjects and try to learn them again with the basics.

9. Use memorization methods

If you are bored learning a subject because it is hard to remember the facts, try a suitable study method to improve your memory, like making short notes or mind maps. For me, the best study method is teaching alone using a whiteboard.

First, I am reading the note and have a basic understanding of the lesson. Then I am teaching an imaginary person using the whiteboard. Because there is no one in front of me, I don't want to be shy or afraid. If I make a mistake, I start teaching again. After all, I can remember everything like a teacher, and I have the confidence to teach another.

How do I motivate myself to study?

Before motivating yourself to study, you must consider why you are not inspired to learn. When you find the reason for that, you can build the motivation on your own. The easiest thing you can do is listen to a motivational speech, get an idea of why you should learn, and then make a routine to study effectively. Or you can explore with friends because when you see other people working, you are automatically motivated to work eagerly.

What makes science exciting or boring to study?

Science is a fascinating subject to study, but some theory lessons can make you feel bored. But suppose you can try science experiments and do calculations to solve your daily problems. In that case, you can get science closer to your life. And your learning method also affects your feelings about science. If your teacher's teaching method is tedious, try learning online by watching videos and using educational apps to learn interactively with simulations.

How to study even when you don't feel like it?

The easiest thing you can do is convert that subject to a subject you like. It's not a hard thing to do. Identify why you don't want to study, then find a way that you love to learn from the methods I mentioned. There are many alternative ways to learn, like watching videos, playing games, studying with friends, doing experiments, discussing lessons with others, etc. After you discover your favorite way of studying, it is not that difficult to start studying; you will even work the whole night without getting bored.

Why can't I study even if I want to learn?

When you love a subject, you have the motivation to study it, but you don't always have that interest. As I told you in the article on how to overcome procrastination, there are several reasons why you may not like studying. When you feel lazy or sleepy or want to do something other than learning, like playing games or scrolling through social media, You will not desire to study even your favorite subjects. So try to overcome those bad habits, then you will be able to be a good student.


If you read this article carefully and follow the things that I asked you to do, you will never have a boring subject again. If the teaching method of your school is dull, try learning with another resource I mentioned. If you're too lazy to study, try studying with friends. If you can share this article with your friends, you can easily explain why you should learn together. So try to be a smart student and get marks in every subject.

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