What is Tyrolead

Tyrolead is an educational website that gives you excellent study tips and guidelines by leading you through the best learning path. Our main goal is to make students more productive and able to manage every task in their learning life, such as time management, best ways of facing exams, studying routines, etc. We bring this all with our real-life experiences, and we went through many facts found through dozens of researches to give you the best tips for learning and concentration. So come and join us to have the best learning experience in your life.

About the writer

Hey everyone, I‘m Kalpa Madhushan Suraweera, a co-founder and the main writer of this website. First of all, let me introduce myself. I’ll start with a brief description of my life. When I was young, I wasn’t much interested in the topic of learning because my mind was in the play world, and my marks also were at low levels. But with time, when I came to 8/9 grades, I felt that I had a goal, a target, and I needed to learn to succeed in this process to achieve my goals. Also, the other factors around me showed that learning as a perfect student is the only way to success in my life. So I started to make my plans, learned by motivating myself, and searched the internet for many study tips and all you are doing right now. Likewise came through my life so far. I worked with my best friend for the final exam in my school life. Not only her, but on my way, I could face the exam successfully with all my friends while helping and motivating them. I used to give learning tips and advice to succeed in their studying process, so many were able to get higher marks with my help. Usually, I hear from everyone, why aren’t you sharing these perfect guidelines with the whole world. As a result, I hope to come up with this blog. I wish to bring you all the tips of studying with my experiences, my friends, and the advice of experts. I hope that the articles I’m bringing for you help you succeed in your learning process.