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Best time to study

Many learners have a common question: Is there a best time to study. Indeed there is no specific time called the best time for work. If you're passionate about your work, that is the best time to engage in your studies. Well, that comes with the energy level of your body. The best time of day to study comes when the time we have the most energy, and it's different from person to person. 

Many students learn at night and evening while others prefer to study in the morning. It's a unique factor so no one can say this is the best time to learn because it depends on you. one might say evening is the best time to study but if it's the worst time that you're having lots of distractions how you can focus? 

Some of my friends work in the morning from 4 am they say that's a good time for studying. I tried to learn in the early morning, but I ended up sleeping on the desk and going to bed again. So it never works for me.

However, I finally figured out my best time to study is at night, and I'm so energetic in the nighttime with lesser distractions. So believe it depends on you and the other factors like your surroundings. 

I will share from this article three specific times to study, their unique specialties, and the best times for moments like exams with the factors found through scientific research. So let's have a tour throughout the article and once you know what's best for yourself, start a new route with a better study plan. Then you will feel that you're back to work and no one can stop you. So let's begin.

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Studying early in the morning

early in the morning

Many students prefer studying early in the morning, mostly from 4 am or 5 am. Because it's one of the best times to concentrate on our work, unlike other times studying early in the morning is a fresh start.

Just think a moment you wake up before the world and start doing your studies. Isn't that amazing? Being able to handle complex questions and finishing those work early morning makes you confident and accomplished, and it can make your day so refreshing. 

But studying from the moment you wake up doesn't make sense because your body must prepare for studies. So you should brush your teeth or wash your face and give a fresh start to your body. After that, you can continue your work.

Many psychologists say that in the morning brain is better at memorizing. So studying subjects like biology and things you should remember, like theories, are good. 

Furthermore, many researchers have found that students who study in the morning are self-disciplined and self-motivated. Well, I think that's true because you must have self-motivation to wake up early and self-discipline to continue your work without minding the sleepiness. So those guys studying in the morning should be proud of themselves because they never beat the morning alarm like me.

Studying in the evening

in the evening

The evening is mainly meant for lighter tasks like doing homework because you don't have much motivation after the busy daytime. Well, I'm out of my mind by the evening after having school for 5 hours and again attending private classes for another 4 hours. So I hope yours is the same as mine. 

Concentrating on complex tasks with this mindset is hard, so instead, you can engage in a lighter job while having a snack and feel more comfortable with your studies. The benefit of studying in the evening is that we can quickly contact our teachers or friends to get extra help.

Studying at night

at night

Even though there are 24 hours a day, I always choose late-night hours for my studies because there are many benefits of studying at night, and I'm a night owl. If you are also a night owl, let me know in the comment section.

The best thing about studying at night is fewer distractions and the peaceful environment surrounding us. This relaxed environment helps us concentrate on our work

Otherwise, if I can't concentrate on my work, I have to look at that part repeatedly, making me so stressed. But the silence of the night helps us to have a relaxed mind. 

Many psychologists say that people who prefer night have sharpened minds. They have also proven that nighttime is best for subjects related to problem-solving like math, physics, etc. 

Well, I think that's true because in my class most of my friends also prefer subjects like math at night, including me. The reason is the clear mind we have that period is so eager to solve problems. So we can easily make decisions and keep learning.

What is the best time to study at night?

At night, being free from the world and alone with books and the environment's silence is out of words for me. But it's not too good to awake for many hours as it may lead to several health problems. So you need to have a specific period to study. 

For example, if you start your studies at 10 pm, you must end by 3 am. However, researchers say that it doesn't go beyond 5 hours because after that period you won't pay much attention to your studies as your mind is tired. Well, that's true for me because sometimes I can focus my mind for 4 hours, so I usually study from 9 pm to 1 am. 

Moreover, good sleep is an essential fact for a healthy life. As humans, we need to sleep at least 7 hours a day. Otherwise, we won't be able to continue your daily routine as you want. 

It's up to you to decide when you are sleeping and waking up. You can manage your time well when you have a good study routine. If you don't know how to make a routine, read my night study routine guide.

What is the best time to study for students?

Student's life is quite busy in the daytime with school and extra classes, so they don't have much time to study during the day. But students can freely engage in their studies in the evening after coming home. taking a nap and shower can give a fresh start to studying. 

We need a quiet, peaceful environment for a better focus on studies so you can freely engage in your work with fewer distractions. Starting your study routine after 5 pm is better with lighter tasks like homework. As we have a hard day time, our mind is not better prepared for complex studies by the evening. So we can leave subjects that need higher concentration, like physics and math, to study at night. 

If I give you my life as an example, my studying routine starts at 6 pm, and it ends at about 1 pm. I mostly spend my evening doing homework and studying simple theories as I concentrate less after a busy, tiring time with school and extra classes. So somehow, when my family goes to sleep, I start studying subjects like math as I need good concentration on them, and I continue my work for about 4 hours, then jump to bed. 

It's not better for our health staying awake too late in the light as it affects the body's hydration and of course, we need a good sleep of at least 7 hours. Everyone can use at least 3 hours from the time between 5 pm and 10 pm. Working from 10 pm to 2 am is better if you prefer to study at night. If you choose morning for studies, you can sleep at 10 pm, wake up at 5 am, then continue your morning routine. 

What is the best time to study before exams?

Spending full nights before exams, never going to work. Because our brain is not a memory chip or something to copy everything in a few hours and recall whenever you want. It needs breaks to gather the information we studied and store it in our long-term memory. Otherwise, we cannot remember them. 

Also, studying overnight before an exam will make you sleep on the paper in the exam hall. 

According to many psychologists, we need a process like study-rest-study to recall the information we gathered. So for an exam, you should have a long-term study plan. Then you can restudy them before the exam. 

The best time to study is the day before the exam. You can try a paper and practice for the exam at that time. Then leave the night to sleep well and try to wake up early in the morning to recall once again before the exam. 

If you have less than 12 hours for your exam, you must stop doing papers and discussing questions with friends. Instead, you can use that time to look at the short notes and mind maps you've made to recall everything you learned.

What is the best time to learn a language?

Learning a language is a big deal as it requires a lot of memorization. So we must use every second to expose ourselves to that language because the time we spend with that language will decide how skillful we are. For example, when I am walking on the road, I listen to a French song or a conversation because I am learning French these days. So if you're learning a language these days, let me know with a comment.

Separating your 24 hours into different sessions to study your target language will make learning easy. For example, you can focus on learning new grammar rules in the morning and vocabulary at night. Also, you can watch a film or a tv series in your target language during the daytime or night. I watch movies at night. So try to make it enjoyable learning in different ways as it helps you to get through your learning language without knowing it.


Every person is different from one another. We can't put everybody in the same category, and that's the reality. The most important thing is not when you study but how you study at that time. Find out which part of the day you're most refreshed and alert. Whatever time you choose to learn, you must stick to it and make a daily routine. When you start studying according to your plan regularly, it will become like brushing your teeth every day, and you don't have to worry about preparing for your studies.

I hope this article was insightful and helped you find the best study time. What is your most inspired time for studying? Let me know in the comment section.

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