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Music is a part of our life, and we like to spend our life with the feeling of the music notes. Most music helps us to reduce our stress levels and gives us space to be alone with our emotions. So what is the combination of music and studies? Many try to find the actual interaction between studies and music. Also, there are various conflicting opinions about music and studies. As you're here to read this article, you may be suffering from the following kind of questions like

Is it beneficial to listen to music while you study, or is looking in silence the best?
Is music a distraction while studying?
Does listening to music make you more intelligent and improve your memory?
What's the best kind of music to listen to while studying?

I will answer all of these questions through the facts I've found through research and my experiences. So it can help you determine if studying music is good for you. So let's dive into the article.

We always try to find the connection between music and studies. But actually, can listening to music help you study effectively, or it's just a distraction? Where did all these start? Let's find it out.

Music Myths

Have you ever heard about the Mozart effect? This conversation about the Mozart effect started in 1993 when a psychologist called Frances Rauscher gave the idea that listening to classical music can boost your brain power. In the 90s, this actually held as a scientific legend-making people think that listening to Mozart was going to make their kids more intelligent. Since then, the Mozart effect has been studied extensively and what they found was mixed results. But does this actually make you bright when listening to Mozart? Well, actually, no. The reality is this is not almost definitely true, and with time this Mozart effect turns into some kind of myth. But we should welcome the idea that listening to music can relax your mind. When the mind is clear, we can focus well. 

I am listing to a classical music track when my mind is messed up, then I can start my studies and focus well. 

So is it truly beneficial for the memory to listen to music while studying? We don't actually know. A little bit confusing, right? The answer to this question goes in both directions because some studies find that music is more beneficial in studying while others find the opposite.

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How to Choose Music for Studying?

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According to research, determining whether listening to music is beneficial depends on 3 factors. there are:

  1. Your personality
  2. The type of work
  3. Type of music

What kind of person are you?

Actually, this all depends on the key who you are and what you like because if you don't want to do your studies while listening to music, it never works for you as you never enjoy it. If you hate doing work with music playing on your head or if it's distracting you, then don't do it. Because it truly depends on you, no matter how much research proves, listening to music while studying can be good.

If you're a person that loves to listen to music during your studies and it never distracts you, then you can do your studies while having your favorite playlist on. But always think, are you doing the studies, or does your mind focus on the song? This is some kind of issue that many are facing. You won't feel it, but at the end of the song, you'll feel that you have done nothing except listen to that song. So that's why the type of work is also essential.

If you share this article with friends and have a broad discussion about this topic in the comment section. Then you will definitely find out what type of music you want.

What kind of work are you doing?

There has been substantial evidence that the type of work is a key factor in determining whether to listen to music while studying, good or bad. Because many researchers suggest that it depends on how much you concentrate on that work. According to them, it's better to work in silence or continue while listening to white noises in activities like reading and writing.

Furthermore, they say it's okay to listen to music during the activities like making short notes, solving physics math equations, and arithmetic problems. If you're doing a familiar task and regularly engage in it, you can continue it without any distractions. 

In my life experiences, sometimes listening to music gives me a headache when focusing on solving problems, reading, writing comprehensions, and programming, which require extreme concentration. 

But when I'm doing work like solving equations, or logic-based activities, music makes me so energetic and so refreshed.

Which music is best for studying

The other important thing is what kind of music you'll listen to during your studies.

Vocal music

many studies suggest that vocal music may mostly distract you. Especially if you try to engage in an activity like reading or writing, it won't ever work as when vocals are playing in your background, your brain starts to multi-task, making you feel like a mess. 

Even I experienced this situation. one day when I was writing an article. However, maddeningly, I had written some very irrelevant lyrics in my article. Embarrassing, right? so listening to songs with vocals is not much better if you're studying as it can distract you. But you can try listening to them at work, such as making a timetable, study routine, etc.

White noise

When you're doing studies that need extreme concentration, it's better if you can work in silence. Using noise-canceling headphones or listening to white noises such as rain or waterfall sounds can also make that background for you. with white noises, you can get into the zone of studying and focus on your work without distractions.

One day I remember there was road construction near my house. You know It is hard to study with that type of annoying noise. So I played rainforest music on YouTube and studied.

Instrumental music/repetitive music without lyrics

Whenever I engage in tasks that need medium concentration, like doing past paper questions or making short notes, I mostly go for repetitive music without songs or instrumental music.

Tips for studying with music

1. Listening to a song before the work

I always use this kind of trick to boost my mind. If I'm in a boring mood or unwilling to engage in studies, I try playing my favorite playlists of my loving artists such as Clean bandit, Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, etc. 

I also like to know about your favorite artists, so if you would like to share, let me know in the comment section. 

I mostly like to play a vocal song as I can say the lyrics, which warms up my work. After about 2 songs, I start doing my assignments. Having background music during my studies actually depends on what kind of activity I'm doing.  

2. Matching the tempo according to the task

This is a very interesting activity. I mostly try this when I'm bored or feel sleepy with my studies. Choosing a song that matches the song's tempo to your task can make you enjoy your work. Behind this trick, when you play a music or audio track that fits your studies, you'll feel that the song and yourself are moving at the same speed. 

I've tried this with my studies. Of course, this tip depends on what kind of work you're doing. This mostly comes up with the activities in which your mind needs medium concentration or activities you are familiar with. Otherwise, you'll feel distracting and a little bit annoying. 

Whenever I solve equations and arithmetic questions, I usually play an EDM track, which makes me quickly solve that problem, and it's quite interesting as I feel I can solve that kind of question a whole day. Do you guys have this kind of experience before? Let me know in the comment section. 

3. Create your playlist

If you're interested in listening to music while working, I think you should try this tip. Actually, there's nothing worse than changing the song if you don't like it or hate them after every couple of minutes. Also, it's quite distracting if you use your phone to change the music. It can make you look at Instagram or Facebook, and you won't know until you'll spend more than 30 minutes on it. So organizing your playlist with your favorite music tracks before your studies make it easier for you to continue your work. Also, if you guys have any playlists to recommend, let me know in the comment section.


It's not the question is music good for studying or not. You just have to be aware of yourself and find what works for you. If music distracts your learning process and you find yourself with nothing done, you probably need to stay away from it. But studying while listening to music makes you warm up and motivated. When learning, you can enjoy it by playing your favorite playlist according to your task. Actually, this whole thing depends on you.

There are no sayings that music makes you smarter or intelligent. If you're little studying or bored of studying in silence and studying with 75%maximum efficiency while listening to music, choose music during your studies. As the thing I believe is getting something done is always going to be better than nothing.

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