How to Use Whiteboard for Studying (Complete Guide)

student using whiteboard for studying at home

A whiteboard is a tool used in teaching and learning processes. Therefore, it is good to use a whiteboard every time you study alone at home as we do at school. As we can use a whiteboard for various purposes while studying, it would be more beneficial to have one in your study room.

Using a whiteboard allows us to be more interactive with the lesson than just memorizing by reading a book. In addition, we can use a whiteboard to write down our notes, make plans, and brainstorm different kinds of ideas efficiently.

You can use whiteboards for various purposes than you think, and there are some secret tips you need to know when using a whiteboard. Today I am going to give you a complete guide on how to use a whiteboard in your learning process with the experience I have gained in my student life. So let's dive into the article.

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13 Ways to use whiteboards

1. To make a to-do list

A to-do list is a list of the daily activities we have planned to do throughout the day. Since it's a provisional list, you can reuse it by making your to-do list on a whiteboard instead of a permanent place. Plus, since you can erase it after you finish each task, it's much easier to manage your to-do list using a whiteboard.

I usually write my to-do list on my whiteboard the night before I go to bed. So when I wake up the next day, I have a complete list of activities to go on, and I don't need to worry about what to do. So it helps me get started on my schedule without putting off even a minor job.

2. To write motivational quotes

Vehicles need fuel to continue their journey. Likewise, as students, we always need to have a goal and motivation to study. If you already have a whiteboard in your study room, you can use this whiteboard to write a motivational quote or your daily goals. 

For example, at the beginning of your day, you can write a simple goal like "Today, I will study on my own for 10 hours." So whenever you feel like you are getting distracted from your studying process, you can cheer yourself up by looking at your target. 

As I mentioned in the sticky notes article, you can also use sticky notes to write motivational quotes and all. But with the use of a whiteboard, you can write in large letters in a more visible way. In that case, using a whiteboard would be more effective than using sticky notes. If you want to know more ways to use sticky notes, read the following article so that you can catch all of them.

19 Effective Ways to Use Sticky Notes for Studying

3. To solve math questions

Usually, you may need more space when solving math problems like trigonometry or calculus. It becomes more comfortable when you only have enough space to continue your calculation by drawing diagrams and all. Therefore, I usually use the whiteboard when solving math questions because I won't be interrupted by problems like lack of space or papers.

If you have seen the movie A Beautiful Mind, you will surely notice how John the mathematician makes his calculations on windows and green boards. So you also have the ability to do math like a math genius by having a whiteboard in your room to test all your calculations, which can also make you more interested in math. In my experience, doing all calculations on a whiteboard is more efficient than dealing with a book or documents. 

Also, dozens of researches have shown that it is a good study method because when working with a whiteboard, the brain becomes more active when moving the muscles of the hands than writing on a piece of paper with tiny drawings and everything.

A marker holder helps you organize everything you use with the whiteboard

4. To make mind maps

You may think that making mind maps on your whiteboards is useless because you have to erase them. But don't worry; I have a simple hack to overcome it.

Whenever I make a mind map, I draw it on a large scale using beautiful colors on my whiteboard. Since I have enough space on my whiteboard, I can make bigger and clearer mind maps the way I want. Once you're done making your mind map, you can take a photo and save it to your phone, so you can look at it again later. It is much better if you can use a mobile app like CamScanner to capture instead of using the regular camera, as it clearly saves your images.

5. To make study plans.

You can keep your weekly study plan in a separate part of your whiteboard. When you reserve a part to list the activities you will do in a particular week; you can use it to keep all the work accurate from the beginning of each week. Also, if you are more interested, you can use stickers and sticky notes to embellish this task.

Honestly, sometimes I will only be able to do some of my jobs like I previously planned. For example, I have to engage in a different task in my time slots instead of what I have planned or get distracted by something else that disrupts our entire schedule. It will be much easier to change or edit your schedule when you have your entire to-do list on your whiteboard. Since the board is dry-erasable, you can make any changes you want at any time.

6. For memorizing

Teaching an imaginary person using a whiteboard is the best technique I use every time I learn something new. First, I am getting a basic idea about the topic I want to memorize by reading textbooks and other materials. Then I go to the whiteboard and start to teach what I have understood to an imaginary person in my own words.

You can also try this method to memorize any topic faster and for a long time. If you feel weird, you can ask one of your sisters or brothers to listen to your lesson or keep your pet or teddy by your side as my best friend does.

If you can briefly explain a specific topic in your own words to someone else, then you have learned that part correctly. So I suggest you try this technique and see how it works for you.

Also, we can improve our educational memory using many other different methods with our whiteboard.

7. To draw charts

Our brain can deeply understand the concepts whenever we present the information in a pattern with some visual images. Take the image below as an example.

table and pie chart

Following the previous images, you will probably understand that studying with a pie chart is more comfortable than learning with a table. And that is why we mostly tend to study using structured data. 

Imagine that you are trying to compare two specific things, and it would be much easier to gain a better understanding by making a table outlining the facts than by reading a paragraph. Additionally, these types of methods are beneficial for increasing our memory.

Since you have the freedom to draw using different colored markers within enough space, the whiteboard is the best tool for testing graphics and all.

8. To recall facts

It's more enjoyable writing on your whiteboard than just writing on a book sitting on your study table. So our whiteboard can be very helpful for doing a fast revision before any exam. The night before your exam, you can go to your whiteboard and practice by writing down all the facts you want to memorize. 

To remember something deep in our long-term memory, we must remember all the facts repeatedly. Because the things we don't use often will be automatically erased from our brains, we don't remember most of the things we don't recall. So even in your free time, you can use your whiteboard and recall all the facts you have learned.

I still remember when I came home after school, I used to sum up all the lessons I learned each day on my whiteboard, trying to remember them again. If I did not remember something there, I reviewed my school notebooks and searched the internet if I had any questions, so I memorized them perfectly.

9. For practicing papers

When you are close to an exam, doing model papers is the best way to face your test successfully. If you can review past papers (you can find them from college or seniors), you can get a better idea of the pattern of exam questions.

In order to practice correctly for your exam, you need to do all of those papers over and over again so that you are more familiar with the types of questions. If you can use your whiteboard for this purpose, you can answer a lot of questions in a short period of time rather than just writing on paper. Also, when it comes to essay questions, you don't need to write the answer on the whiteboard; if you can plan the solution in your mind, that's enough to continue with the rest of the question paper.

10. To brainstorm ideas

Freely writing your ideas on the board that appears in your mind is the best way to create new things. Even the most famous YouTuber MrBeast does this. He has hung some whiteboards in his office, so when he wants new ideas for his videos, he can think of many new things by writing them on the whiteboard.

Similarly, there may be times when you need to think of new ideas, such as when scheduling your time to make a study plan; you have to think a lot when assigning subjects. That way, whenever you need a new idea, you can write whatever comes to mind freely on your whiteboard.

Since you can write and erase anything on the whiteboard, you can easily change or edit your ideas using the whiteboard eraser as you like.

11. To explain or teach something.

Even in college, our teachers use whiteboards and blackboards to explain everything. Likewise, in our home, we can use the whiteboard for the same purpose in the most effective way.

If you normally work in a group with your friends, there may be times when you need to teach a certain concept to the rest of your friends. One of the biggest benefits of group work is that we can learn and teach topics by sharing our knowledge with all our friends. So in that situation, you can get the most out of using a whiteboard for teaching and collaborative work. 

For example, if you want to solve a complex math problem, it will be much easier to calculate using a whiteboard with the rest of your friends cooperatively than just solving it in a book or on paper.

12. To practice drawing

When learning a subject like Biology, you should have the practice of drawing a lot of things, like different types of systems in your body, the structure of cells, etc. To practice and memorize everything correctly, you need to be more familiar with them by drawing them repeatedly. For this, a whiteboard is the best option because we can draw large enough images freely by mixing colors to get a clear view of our images.

Although I didn't practice art as a subject, I usually spend my time drawing on my whiteboard whenever I get stressed. Since it also helps to enhance my creativity, I have a habit of drawing whenever I have free time.

13. To plan a project

project planning

I remember the day I made an automatic plant watering system for my school's science exhibition. Throughout my entire project, I used my whiteboard to plan everything needed for the project, such as the wire connections, flowcharts, etc., because it is much more efficient to write on a whiteboard making corrections at the same time than writing them on paper.

Even when you plan to write an essay, you need to think about what the paragraphs should look like and what kind of information they should contain. So, in that case, you can use a whiteboard to plan all things.

Tips for using a whiteboard

1. Use multiple colors

It can be dizzying to use just one color in your writing activities. Therefore, you can use various colors of markers to make it more interesting when working with a whiteboard. If you can make it a practice to learn in a more interesting way like this, you can turn any boring subject into your favorite one without any effort.

2. Clean frequently

If you leave your whiteboard for extended periods without cleaning it after use, it will be much more difficult to clean later, and you will end up with unnecessary marks on it. Usually, when you write something on your board, always make sure to clean it up if you no longer need it.

3. Don't use permanent markers.

We normally use dry-erase markers to write on whiteboards. But there may be times when you accidentally write on your whiteboard with a permanent marker. It's more difficult to erase things you wrote with permanent markers. So the best thing you can do to avoid this mistake is never to keep your permanent whiteboard marker near your whiteboard. 

Also, when you encounter this problem, the easiest way to erase it is to write on the permanent ink again with a dry-erase marker, then you can easily clean up your board.

4. Don't write with water.

When the ink in their whiteboard marker runs out, some people use them by filling them with water, and it doesn't help. It can also cause the ink to leak and even make it difficult to erase things written on the board. So instead of trying simple tricks, refilling your marker with the right ink is much better.

5. Use a magnetic whiteboard.

We can easily stick our whiteboard markers and erasers to magnetic boards. Since we can stick everything needed, there is less chance of losing any tools, which helps keep everything safe.

6. Use a whiteboard eraser.

Most people use alternative things like pieces of clothing or junk paper while erasing the whiteboard. But this can cause damage to the whiteboard surface even if you erase it correctly. So the most effective method to protect your whiteboard and erase it properly is to use a whiteboard eraser specially made for this purpose.

7. Choose the right size.

The need to use a whiteboard can vary from person to person. I have a large whiteboard hanging on my studying room wall that I mainly use for problem-solving. I also have a 10X10 inch small-size whiteboard on my study table that I mostly use for small calculations or daily to-do list maintenance. If I need it, I can take it anywhere, like to the library or when visiting a friend's house.

Type of whiteboards

Hanging whiteboard

Stand whiteboard

Magnetic whiteboard


If you're already using a whiteboard, you can try it out in different activities, as I mentioned above. Also, if you want to protect and take better care of your whiteboard, you can follow the tips and tricks I mentioned in the advice section. If you don't have one yet, it's better to buy one because I guarantee that you will probably be able to continue your educational activities with a whiteboard more productively.

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