11 Beneficial Ways to Reward Yourself During Study Sessions

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We all need rewards to work well in anything. Think about how much motivation you have when you get a gift from your mother after the exam. So to increase our working efficiency, we need to have rewards during study periods. But those rewards can't be a distraction to our learning process. So that's why we need to choose study rewards wisely. In this article, I am not only talking about 11 ideas to reward yourself during study sessions but also how you can select proper study rewards and how some bad habits negatively affect your studies.

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Rewards for Studying 

1. Watch a movie

After a long learning session, a film can make your brain refreshed. But you shouldn't watch more than one film a day because It takes about 2 hours to watch one movie. And if you are watching a TV show, watch one episode in one day. But in my experience, I can't do that because, with the curious end of an episode, my brain forces me to watch the next episode. I remember I finished all the episodes in the Squid Game in one day. So if you have the same experience I recommend you not to watch tv series as a study reward. 

It's the same in YouTube because the YouTube algorithm is actually made to keep you on YouTube for a long time. So you can't control yourself, you go to watch one video, but you watch many videos. In this problem, I used a little trick. I'm downloading 3 YouTube videos in the morning and watching them during the day. It helped me not to get stuck on YouTube. 

2. Read a book

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"Reading maketh a full man - Francis Bacon."

Including Bill Gates, most successful people in the world have the habit of reading. Every summer Bill Gates suggests 5 books to read in summer through his blog site and his YouTube channel. I think it's enough to understand why we should read so much. So if you can develop a reading habit, you can use it as a reward. After completing a study session, you can read a book. It can be a novel, short story, fictional or non-fictional book. If you are really addicted to reading like me, please comment below your favorite book so far.

3. Have a special meal

In my childhood, my mom said, "if you complete your homework today, I will make a special meal just for you." Then, to eat my mom's delicious meal, I do my homework best. So I recommend you make a deal with your mom to make a special recipe for you before you start studying. In case you live alone, or mom has no time to prepare special foods, you can order something from a store. Food is a great way to get hooked on studying, and it's easy to have. And if you remember, in the group studying the article, I said how we used foods to increase the efficiency of learning with friends. 

4. Listen to songs

student Listen to songs

Listening to music while studying is controversial, so I suggest you read my article about that. But after successfully completing a study session, listening to a song can give you a fresh mood. If your study room has much space, you also can dance while listening to your favorite playlists. So as a study reward, music plays a massive role in my daily routine.

5. Talk with friends

Socialization is an essential part of our lives because, without human companionship, we become stressed. So during my tight schedule, I also reserve time to chat with my friends. But here we must decide what kind of friends we choose to talk with. And my idea is to join with friends who are interested in studying. Otherwise, we'll waste time discussing unnecessary things with them. In this case, I'm not recommending using social media, either. The reason is social media apps like Facebook and Instagram are specially made to keep us stuck to them for long periods.

Similarly, you'll lose control and keep scrolling through it. So my idea is that it's much better to stay away from social media. But chatting for about an hour with your studious friends would be a good idea. 

6. Walk around

This is good for your physical and mental health as it refreshes your mind and gives you exercise for your body. Just think about the mental happiness you get by looking at nature's beauty and wonder. The rewards that I'm saying here are not just for joy but also these every habit gives us more benefits than we think. So have a walk around your garden after studying for an extended period. After walking for 5-15 minutes, you can get back to your work, and you'll find out how refreshed you feel when you're back.

7. Visit a coffee shop or restaurant.

This is a pretty good idea, but I used to do this rarely because I have to go to town to visit a coffee shop or restaurant. After the monthly school test, our friends visit Pizza hut together every month. We arrange this as a small celebration or the end of our exams and also as a rest. As we repeat this every month, we always get the motivation to finish our exams successfully with the thought of what we will do at the end of our exams. So I suggest visiting a restaurant you're craving once a week or month to reward your studying achievements.

8. Play with pets

student Playing with a dog

As a student, I recommend you have a pet. And I also talked about the advantages of having a pet. So I suggest you read it. We can continue our study sessions with our adorable pet. Not only that, but also you can have a short time with your pet after long hour study sessions like having a fresh walk.

9. Play a game

Here it's hard to recommend playing computer games because it's not easy to end playing. If you get addicted. And as a result, you'll keep playing video games all the way, focusing on them instead of studying. If you can control yourself and manage your time with the lessons, playing computer or mobile games is okay. But it is much better if you can physically play a game with your family or friends. 

Also, there's less possibility of you getting distracted from your studies. Plus, as you're staying in front of a digital screen, it can cause a lot of strain on your eyes. So playing a video game as a rest might not help as a physical game does as your eyes also need a rest. Physical activities would be full of enjoyment as you're not playing alone. A game like chess can improve your logical thinking. So you're not just enjoying but also enhancing your ability to think which might help in subjects like Math and Physics.

10. A nap

This is the most famous and the reward loved by many students. After having long hour study sessions, I either jump to bed to rest. Most of all, our brain needs to rest. So a nap is the best gift you can give your brain to make you an intelligent student.

11. Meditate

student Meditate as a study reward

I'd like to suggest meditation as a mental exercise that refreshes, clears, and calms your mind. As this can improve our concentration, this is an excellent method to optimize our brain relevant to the studies. Meditation has many benefits for students, so I recommend you do meditation as a daily habit.

Why it's important to reward yourself while studying

When studying, it is not good to study without breaks because the best way to memorize things is by taking breaks during study sessions. It is also similar to the Pomodoro, a time management technique to increase work productivity. During those study breaks, you can give yourself a simple reward. The benefit of rewarding yourself while you study is that it can motivate you to learn with passion and dedication. You'll never get bored or lazy when you give rewards for your commitment to learning.

How do you reward yourself without food?

Food is not the only way to reward yourself while you study. There are many methods, such as talking with friends, listening to songs, watching a movie, going for a walk, or spending time with pets. And you can also combine any of these rewards, like taking a walk with your dog in the garden. Eating food while studying can make you sleepy, but doing things that relax your mind can refresh you.

How to reward yourself without spending money

You don't have to spend money to reward yourself. There are many methods to reward without money, such as spending time with family and friends, reading a book, or meditation. Habits like reading books and meditation can improve your concentration and help you keep focus while you study too.

How to reward yourself after studying

After studying, you don't have to worry about going back to work, so you are free to do whatever you want. You can play a game, take a nap, watch a movie, or do any enjoyable activity that makes you happy and refreshed. My favorite thing after studying is to take a nap because after having time with equations and theories, my mind and body need to rest.


I didn't just talk about the rewards that can have fun. All of these help you to develop your studying skills from another side. Plus, as a student, I used these tips in my life. So in my experience, I know how good they worked for me. If you follow such tricks, let me know in the comment section, and don't forget to share this article with your friends and help them work efficiently.

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